Don’t Be Afraid to Sell with the Easy Equity Loan!

With so few homes on the market, finding the right home to buy can be difficult and this has kept many would-be home sellers out of the market. The Easy Equity Loan lets you sell your home with the confidence that you will have time to find your next dream home.

With the Easy Equity Loan from Home State Bank, you are in charge of the entire transaction.


  1. Find your dream home and make an offer.
  2. Close on your new home with the Easy Equity Loan.
  3. Sell your current home.

Finally, a loan product that allows you to access the equity in your current home, so that you can use it close on your new home.

Some of the unique characteristics of this loan:

  • Borrower up to 89.9% of the value of your current home
  • Interest-Only payment
  • Your current home may be listed for sale
  • Low Fixed Interest Rate
  • One low closing fee

We will help guide you on how to make your home the most marketable it can be. Selling for the absolute top price. Contact us today about the Easy Equity Loan!