iBuyer Program Eliminates The Worry And Stress Of Selling Your Home

Real estate professionals are problem solvers. We constantly seek creative new ways of helping our clients find new options for achieving their real estate goals. That is why we are excited Starck has adopted one of the most innovative iBuyer programs, allowing you to quickly and easily sell your home without having to put it on the traditional real estate market. It’s called QuickBuy.

In recent years iBuyer programs have become popular with home sellers who want to have the convenience of selling their home without fixing costly repair items, or having to do showings every weekend.

Starck Real Estate looked for a partnership with a firm that mirrored our values of integrity and excellence and found one in Moving Station, LLC. Moving Station has been in the iBuyer business for 9 years with their QuickBuy program. Now my clients can benefit from this alternative to the traditional home sale process with their QuickBuy program.

With QuickBuy, your Starck broker would work with you to submit the details of your home to a team of experienced value analysts for evaluation. If your home qualifies, you get an immediate and reliable cash offer, with the potential to close in as little as 14 days. That’s it! No showings, no repairs, no hassles. The best thing is you control your home sale. If the QuickBuy Offer doesn’t meet your needs, your broker will present other home sale options.

QuickBuy can be a life-saver for sellers who are transitioning to retirement communities or assisted living. QuickBuy is fast, convenient, and reliable. The QuickBuy Program is also beneficial to sellers who are transferring to a new state, looking to buy their next home with a non-contingent cash offer, or simply wanting ease of selling their home without going on the open market.

If you feel that QuickBuy might be a good option for you, contact us. We’re here to help you every step of the way!