Pricing Your Home Correctly

Getting the best price for your home begins with pricing it correctly for current market conditions. It may be tempting to set a higher price point and test the waters, but this often backfires! Overpriced homes have a competitive disadvantage in the market. Once buyer attention is lost, recapturing it can require an aggressive price reduction.

What you paid for your home in the past has no bearing on its current value. Your home’s current market value can be substantially different from its tax assessment value, and different from the replacement cost value in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Online home value estimates are seldom accurate, as they do not take home condition or unique features into account.

Finding the current market value of your home requires a home value consultation by your Starck Real Estate Advisor! This detailed, professional estimate considers the recent list and sale prices of similar homes in your neighborhood, along with an accounting of your home’s features and amenities compared to those properties. Your Starck Advisor will provide a recommended price range for your home, along with cost-effective suggestions to help you attract a top-dollar offer!

While your Starck Advisor provides reliable information and expert recommendations, the actual listing price of your home is your decision to make. Consider pricing your home strategically to create buyer excitement and drive traffic to your door. This will create a buzz that draws attention away from competing properties, and raises your chances of multiple offers.