Three Things a Seller Should Never Do

Selling your home is one of the largest transactions you’ll ever make. To not start off on the wrong foot, you want to make sure to sell your home quickly, for the most money and the best terms possible. Here are three things sellers should never do.

1. Sell it yourself. A real estate professional has the resources and experience to help you price, show, sell your home and safely navigate it to closing. He or she can provide numerous marketing and showing services to help your home sell quickly and with as few hurdles as possible.

2. Pick the wrong real estate professional. Interview several real estate professionals to learn how they plan to market your home, what services they provide, and what you need to do to get the highest and best offer for your home. Choose the one who is straight with you about your home’s assets and drawbacks, and who explains current market conditions so you’ll know how to price your home successfully. Make sure to include me as a candidate when you decide to sell your next home as I would love to discuss how I would make a difference.

3. Ignore your real estate professional’s advice. I am trained to help you present your home at its best. Staging, updates, and repairs will help, but what’s most important is price. Your home’s price, location and condition should be supported by comparable homes in the area. You’ll attract the most interest if you price slightly below comparable homes, allowing room for buyers to bid up the price.

Remember, every market is different and can change quickly, so be prepared.